Thursday, 23 February 2017
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South Africa denies gunpoint query request

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South Africa's FA (Safa) denies receipt of a letter from the country's footballers union calling for an investigation into Clifton Miheso, the Kenyan who claims he was forced to end his contract at gunpoint in January.

Viruses support photosynthesis in bacteria

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Viruses propagate by infecting a host cell and reproducing inside. This not only affects humans and animals, but bacteria as well. This type of virus is called bacteriophage. They carry so called auxiliary metabolic genes in their genome, which are responsible for producing certain proteins that give the virus an advantage. Researchers have analyzed the structure of such a protein more closely. It appears to stimulate the photosynthesis of host bacteria.

PI3K/mTOR inhibitors may be effective against some uterine sarcomas

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The protein P-S6S240 may serve as an indicator of poor prognosis for patients with a hard-to-treat type of uterine sarcoma called leiomyosarcoma, and preclinical data suggest that patients whose tumors have this protein may respond to PI3K/mTOR inhibitors.

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Fight off the Winter Blues with Spring Break at Caribe Hilton

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Now more than ever, Caribe Hilton — San Juan Puerto Rico’s most iconic resort — is calling your name for Spring Break.


FCC rolls back net neutrality ISP transparency rules

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The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to roll back some net neutrality regulations that require broadband providers to inform customers about their network management practices.
The Republican-controlled FCC on Thursday suspended the net neutrality transparency requirements for broadband providers with fewer than 250,000 subscribers. Critics called the decision anticonsumer.
The transparency rule, waived for five years in a Thursday, requires broadband providers to explain to customers their pricing models and fees as well as their network management practices and the impact on broadband service.

Video shows cop berating man, calling him a 'little p---y'

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A cop in Orlando who was caught on tape berating and seemingly taunting a man during a domestic disturbance call is now under investigation and off patrol duty, officials said.


Researchers teach drones to land themselves on moving targets

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Researchers are using artificial intelligence called fuzzy logic to get drones to navigate and land themselves on moving platforms. This holds promise for commercial uses such as delivering packages from moving vehicles.

Kanye West is Launching His Own Makeup Line, DONDA

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Kanye West has filed paperwork to launch a beauty brand called Donda—a nod to his late mother—that might include makeup, perfume, lotions, and other cosmetics.


Flood waters force thousands from homes in Northern California

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Hit by a once-in-100 years flood, more than 14,000 residents near the swollen Coyote Creek that runs through San Jose, Calif., were ordered to evacuate on Wednesday. While some were able to return to their homes early Thursday morning as the water levels began to subside, an evacuation order remained for some parts of the city, a hub of high-tech Silicon Valley. Recommended: Are you a weather nerd?

The End of the “Great Experiment of the Managed Economy”

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By Rob Stein, CEO and Founder, Astor Investment Management As we look ahead to what 2017 may hold, I’m predicting the end of  what I call “the great experiment”—the managed economy that has dominated the fiscal and economic landscape for nearly 10 years. The reason, as we state in the Astor Outlook 2017 Report, is…


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