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​LG G6 to sport wide-angle 1.3 megapixel dual-camera

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The South Korean electronics giant says it has further strengthened the wide-angle back camera on the G6 with dual 1.3 megapixel resolution while designing it to not protrude.

Polk Awards Honor Articles From Trump’s Presidential Run

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New York Times journalists won three awards for foreign coverage. Other winners came from organizations including The Washington Post, ProPublica and WNYC.

Big Little Lies Power Ranking: Which Woman Came Out on Top in the Premiere's Mommy Wars?

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Let the ultimate mommy war begin. Welcome to Monterey, Calif., where the only thing bigger than the houses are the rivalries between the moms at the elementary school at the center of Big...

Nippon Souls: Nioh Review - GamerHolics

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Dungeon Crawler is a term thats not used a lot these days. Even back during its heyday, there werent that many popular games within said genre. Demons Souls  was released in 2009, exclusively for the PS3 and in a way, changed things. It was a highly critically acclaimed game, but the dungeon crawler genre didnt reached the height of its popularity until Dark Souls was released back in 2011. Dark Souls, in a way, was a big game changer because it did two things right all at once. Firstly, it revolutionized the dungeon crawler genre. Secondly, it brought back the needed challenge that games seemed to have back then. There were some games that came out like Lords of the Fallen that tried to emulate both the success and the influence of the first Dark Souls, but in my opinion, none have come as close as Nioh.

Unlike Trump, Defense Secretary Has No Issues With Press

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James Mattis' comments came two days after Trump called several media outlets "the enemy of the American People."

Explosive blog post details ‘abhorrent’ sexism at Uber

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In a , former Uber engineer Susan Fowler Riggetti details her experiences working for the company. Sadly, given she's a female engineer working at a thrusting, big-name Silicon Valley startup, the experiences are exactly what you'd expect.

, Riggetti details numerous instances of overt sexist behaviour. She reportedly sent evidence, including email and chat logs to HR, but ran into a brick wall multiple times. In the end, she says that her attempts to quietly report sexist behaviour were turned against her:
I forwarded this absurd chain of emails to HR, and they requested to meet with me shortly after. I don't know what I expected after all of my earlier encounters with them, but this one was more ridiculous than I could have ever imagined. The HR rep began the meeting by asking me if I had noticed that *I* was the common theme in all of the reports I had been making, and that if I had ever considered that I might be the problem. I pointed out that everything I had reported came with extensive documentation and I clearly wasn't the instigator (or even a main character) in the majority of them - she countered by saying that there was absolutely no record in HR of any of the incidents I was claiming I had reported (which, of course, was a lie, and I reminded her I had email and chat records to prove it was a lie). She then asked me if women engineers at Uber were friends and talked a lot, and then asked me how often we communicated, what we talked about, what email addresses we used to communicate, which chat rooms we frequented, etc. -  an absurd and insulting request that I refused to comply with. When I pointed out how few women were in SRE, she recounted with a story about how sometimes certain people of certain genders and ethnic backgrounds were better suited for some jobs than others, so I shouldn't be surprised by the gender ratios in engineering. Our meeting ended with her berating me about keeping email records of things, and told me it was unprofessional to report things via email to HR.
Beyond the reports to HR, Riggetti also details a company overrun with internal politics and management problems:
In the background, there was a game-of-thrones political war raging within the ranks of upper management in the infrastructure engineering organization. It seemed like every manager was fighting their peers and attempting to undermine their direct supervisor so that they could have their direct supervisor's job. No attempts were made by these managers to hide what they were doing: they boasted about it in meetings, told their direct reports about it, and the like.
Shortly after the blog post was published, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick promising a (secret, internal) investigation into the matter, and reaffirmed Uber's committment to a equitable workplace where everyone isn't trying to stab each other in the back:
"I have just read Susan Fowler's blog. What she describes is abhorrent and against everything Uber stands for and believes in. It's the first time this has come to my attention so I have instructed Liane Hornsey our new Chief Human Resources Officer to conduct an urgent investigation into these allegations. We seek to make Uber a just workplace and there can be absolutely no place for this kind of behavior at Uber -- and anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is OK will be fired."
This isn't the first time that Uber has run into human resources problems within its internal teams and management. In 2014, an Uber exec famously suggested on journalists to discredit them. That statement to a journalist who had accused Uber of sexism once again.
More recently, #DeleteUber after Uber removed surge pricing at JFK airport during a taxi strike -- a strike that was in protest of President Trump's Muslim travel ban. The same hashtag is trending again tonight following Riggetti's blog post.

Montella dedicates AC Milan win to Berlusconi

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AC Milan coach Vincenzo Montella dedicated Sunday's 2-1 victory over Fiorentina at San Siro to outgoing club president Silvio Berlusconi. All three goals came in the first-half of a compelling contest, with Nikola Kalinic cancelling out Juraj Kucka's headed opener for the hosts before Gerard Deulofeu curled home what proved to be the winner just [...]

LaView 8-Channel 4MP HD IP NVR Security System with 2TB HDD, 4x 4MP Bullet Cameras, 2x Dome Cameras - $799.00

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Sams club offers LaView 8-Channel 4MP HD IP NVR Security System with 2TB HDD, 4x 4MP Bullet Cameras, 2x Dome Cameras for $799.00. ...


Cheeky cameraman zooms in on scantily-clad lingerie model's BUM during 'family TV show'

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The toe-curling clip shows the brunette beauty smiling at the camera as she modelled a set of red, black and white underwear

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