Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Casemate 48" Dry Erase White Board for $15 + pickup at Walmart

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Walmart offers the Casemate 36" x 48" Dry Erase White Board for $14.88. Opt for in-store pickup to dodge the $5.99 shipping charge. That's the lowest price we could find by $11. It includes a shelf for markers.

Meadowood Spa Honored with Five-Star Award from Forbes Travel Guide

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The Meadowood Spa has won the hospitality industry’s highest honor of Five Stars from the Forbes Travel Guide just fifteen months after opening its doors in November 2015.


Celebrating 90 Years At The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

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The Sherry-Netherland opened its doors in 1927, thanks to Louis Sherry, who dreamed of debuting New York's tallest building.


Tips for Enjoying the Beaches of the Amalfi Coast

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Although a seaside location, the Amalfi Coast's beaches are generally made of pebbles and rocks with deep sea. To find long stretches of sand, you must walk down long cliffside paths or steps to reach the sea. The best way to reach the beaches is to rent a boat.


For Honor Review - Glitch Cat

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Glitch Cat - When it comes down to it, For Honor is a thrilling and action-packed multiplayer brawler that invigorates with its unique combat systems and edge-of-your-seat battles. While its not perfect and its often frustrating due to the disconnection issues its currently facing, For Honor is a fun and surprisingly deep game that could have players hooked for quite a while if Ubisoft plays its cards right.

Top professional performance through psychopathy

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The term “psychopath” is not flattering: such people are considered cold, manipulative, do not feel any remorse and seek thrills without any fear – and all that at other’s expense. A study is now shattering this image. They claim that a certain form of psychopathy can lead to top professional performance, without harming others or the company.

Stingless bees have their nests protected by soldiers

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Although stingless bees do not have a sting to fend off enemies, they are nonetheless able to defend their hives against attacks. Only four years ago it was discovered that a Brazilian bee species, the Jatai bee, has a soldier caste. The slightly larger fighters guard the entrance to the nest and grip intruders with their powerful mandibles in the event of an attack. Now researchers have identified four further species which produce a special soldier caste to defend their nests.

Research on retinal pigment epithelial cells promises new future treatment for glaucoma patients

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Scientific research builds its own momentum as one discovery triggers another, building an ongoing wave of unexpected possibilities. In the world of glaucoma, such a surge began when advances in stem cell research opened doors experts had never imagined.

National dose levels established for 10 common adult CT examinations

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Using data from the world's largest CT dose index registry, researchers have established national dose levels for common adult CT examinations based on patient size. Healthcare facilities can optimize these exam protocols so that dose is commensurate with the size of the patient, avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure.

Trump again vows to bring back U.S. jobs, but offers few details

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump told about two dozen chief executives of major U.S. companies on Thursday he plans to bring millions of jobs back to the United States, but offered no specific plan on how to reverse a decades-long decline in factory jobs.

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