Monday, 20 February 2017
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Talking to the machine

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The story behind the compiler, a remarkable innovation that made modern computing possible.


Digital fabrication in architecture

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Society faces enormous challenges in constructing high-quality, future-oriented built environments. Construction sites today look much like the building sites did at the beginning of the 20th century. Current research on digital fabrication in architecture indicates that the development and integration of innovative digital technologies within architectural and construction processes could transform the building industry -- on the verge of a building industry 4.0. Digital technologies in architecture and construction could increase productivity creating new jobs.

Never Fear: 3 Ways To Stay Innovative Without Fear

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Fearful employees never experiment. In an environment of trust individuals explore, create, and try new approaches. That freedom leads to new opportunities and innovation.


10 Nintendo Innovations That Flopped

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When Nintendo innovates, things don't always go well.


Researchers replicate nature's ability to reflect light to develop innovative materials

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An innovative new technique has been developed to mimic one of nature's greatest achievements -- natural structural color.

Big Food Looks to Startups for Ideas, Innovation

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Food giants are starting venture-capital funds to invest in startups focused on healthier and less-processed foods. Kellogg and General Mills are betting these younger companies can teach them to be more entrepreneurial and innovative.

A Banking Revolution For Small Business - UK's Nesta Challenges Fin Tech To Step Up To The Plate

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If all goes according to plan, 2018 will see a revolution in Small Business Banking as open standards allow a new generation of data-driven finance tools to come on stream. But will Fin Tech's finest meet the challenge. UK innovation agency NESTA throws down the gauntlet

Innovation Abounds In Software Development, But Coding Interviews Won't Change Anytime Soon

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What is the future of software engineering interviews? This question was originally answered on Quora by John L. Miller.


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