Monday, 20 February 2017
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Where Does Venom’s Webbing Come From?

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Where Does Venom's Webbing Come From?
In the latest Comic Book Questions Answered, CSBG reveals how Venom was able to replicate Spider-Man's mechanical webshooters.


Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane 7 Piece Dining Set, Black and Oak - $296.00

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This Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane 7 Piece Dining Set, Black and Oak features a wood veneer top table, tobacco and black finish and beautiful s ...

Fractal Design Nano S Mini ITX Window PC Case for $50 + free shipping

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Newegg offers the Fractal Design Define Nano S Mini ITX Window Computer Case, model no. FD-CA-DEF-NANO-S-BK-W, for $49.99 with free shipping. (Amazon charges the same, however it won't ship for two to four weeks.) That's the lowest total price we could find now by $8, although it was $10 less in October. Features include three radiator slots, pre-drilled bracket holes that support a variety of cooling systems, sound-dampening vents, two front USB 3.0 ports, and a see-through side panel.

Microsoft's decision to scrap February security updates unnerves patch experts

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Microsoft this week canceled February’s slate of security updates for Windows and its other products, including Office, just a day after saying that the fixes would only be delayed.
Patch experts struggled with the decision, pointing out that known vulnerabilities will go unpatched and that IT planning had been disrupted.
“I was shocked,” said Chris Goettl, product manager at patch management vendor Ivanti, formerly Shavlik. “I was really expecting [the patches to release] next week.”
On Tuesday, just hours before the month’s Patch Tuesday updates were to appear, . “We discovered a last-minute issue that could impact some customers and was not resolved in time for our planned updates today,” the company said at the time. The implication was that February’s security fixes would ship as soon as that “last-minute issue” was resolved.

Dominican Republic won't be releasing Yordano Ventura toxicology report to public

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The results have implications as to have how much the Royals owe Ventura's estate


Insecure Android apps put connected cars at risk

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Android applications that allow millions of car owners to remotely locate and unlock their vehicles are missing security features that could prevent tampering by hackers.
Researchers from antivirus vendor Kaspersky Lab took seven of the most popular Android apps that accompany connected cars from various manufacturers and analyzed them from the perspective of a compromised Android device. The apps and manufacturers have not been named.
The researchers looked at whether such apps use any of the available countermeasures that would make it hard for attackers to hijack them when the devices they're installed on are infected with malware. Other types of applications, such as banking apps, have such protections.

New report sheds light on Apple’s next-gen Apple TV

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Former Apple analyst and current venture capitalist Gene Munster is famous for being horribly, terribly, dreadfully, embarrassingly wrong time and time again about Apple's plans to launch an HDTV. Year in and year out, the analyst insisted that Apple was on the verge of releasing a flat-screen television that would come in multiple sizes and be powered by the company's iOS platform. That mythical HDTV never materialized, and at this point it looks like it never will. Instead, Apple continues to tweak its Apple TV set-top box, and now a new report sheds light on what we can expect from the next-generation model that will likely launch later this year.
After all these years, Apple is still fighting an uphill battle in the war for consumers' living rooms. The company's current-generation Apple TV is beloved by users, but it is still facing the same problem earlier models have faced: there aren't very many users. Rivals have flooded the market with low-cost alternatives like the and from Amazon, which are so popular that the company can't even manage to keep them in stock.
Few would argue that less expensive set-top boxes offer better features than the Apple TV. The problem is they offer the same core features — content is the most important part of the experience, for obvious reasons, and Apple has no advantage whatsoever when it comes to content. All of these devices can access the same core services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Sling TV, so why pay $150-$200 for an Apple TV when you can pay $40-$80 for a Fire TV?
Apple hasn't yet found an answer to that important question, but the company continues to motor along while it tries to find a way to differentiate its offerings. In the meantime, a suggests that Apple is indeed working on an updated fifth-generation Apple TV that should launch later this year. That's the good news. The bad news is that it doesn't sound like there will be anything special about the update.
that Apple is testing support for 4K resolution on the next-generation Apple TV, and the news site also claims that the box will support content with "more vivid colors." It's unclear what that means exactly, though it likely refers to HDR, which is now supported by many new HDTV and UHD TV models that have launched over the past year.
As for release timing, the report has nothing firm to offer. Instead, it simply suggests that the new fifth-generation Apple TV model could be released at some point in 2017.

Experts at RSA give their best cybersecurity advice

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Come to the RSA show, and you’ll find plenty of cybersecurity technology. The top vendors from across the industry are here, showing products for fighting ransomware, preventing data breaches and more.
But even the best security software is useless if users and businesses aren’t taking the right steps to protect themselves. So we asked experts at the show for their best cybersecurity tips.
Joe Stewart, director of malware research at Dell SecureWorks 
He advises everyone to set up to protect their internet accounts, especially email. It can be particularly useful when stopping hackers who are trying to steal login passwords from users, whether through malware or email phishing schemes.

Vendor Security Alliance scales up efforts, aims for faster vendor vetting

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The nonprofit is aiming to help companies evaluate the security risk associated with different third-party vendors within a matter of minutes.


[Feature] The Birth of CRISPR Inc

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Just 5 years ago, the community of researchers studying CRISPR, the powerful new genome editing tool, was small. When the first inklings that CRISPR could become a big business emerged, leading scientists expected to work together. But the attempt at unity collapsed—with a good deal of noise and dust. As the science grew even more compelling and venture capital (VC) beckoned, the jockeying to start CRISPR companies became intense. The research community was rent apart by concerns about intellectual property, academic credit, Nobel Prize dreams, geography, media coverage, egos, personal profit, and loyalty. A billion dollars poured into what might be called CRISPR Inc. from VC firms, pharmaceutical companies, and public stock offerings. And the companies and the academic license holders faced each other down in a battle royale over patents. Author: Jon Cohen

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