Thursday, 23 February 2017
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Keswick Hall & Golf Club Earns Prestigious Forbes Five-Star Award

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Keswick Hall & Golf Club – the esteemed 600-acre boutique resort set in the scenic hunt and wine country of central Virginia – has earned the prestigious Forbes Five-Star Award in recognition of its exceptional level of luxury and service for the third year in a row.


Celebrating 90 Years At The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

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The Sherry-Netherland opened its doors in 1927, thanks to Louis Sherry, who dreamed of debuting New York's tallest building.


Prepare To Get Trolled On Switch This March

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Last year Maximum Games announced the action-puzzler Troll and I and now they're giving gamers a better look at what their game has to offer.


Stingless bees have their nests protected by soldiers

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Although stingless bees do not have a sting to fend off enemies, they are nonetheless able to defend their hives against attacks. Only four years ago it was discovered that a Brazilian bee species, the Jatai bee, has a soldier caste. The slightly larger fighters guard the entrance to the nest and grip intruders with their powerful mandibles in the event of an attack. Now researchers have identified four further species which produce a special soldier caste to defend their nests.

Is back pain killing us?

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Older people who suffer from back pain have a 13 per cent increased risk of dying from any cause, research has found. The study of 4390 Danish twins aged more than 70 years investigated whether spinal pain increased the rate of all-cause and disease-specific cardiovascular mortality.

Russia: The problem Trump can't escape

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The first month of a US presidency is usually one of optimism -- a fresh face with a clean slate appoints a Cabinet and maps out a vision for the next four years.

How Well Do Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo & Justin Chambers Really Know Each Other?

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When you work together for 13 years, playing one another's best friend, you learn a thing or two about the person you're sharing the screen with. Or so you'd think. When E!...

NYSE plans trial run for Snap IPO

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(Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange will conduct a trial run of Snap Inc's initial public offering on Saturday, according to a notice given last week to stock traders, in anticipation of what is expected to be the biggest U.S. technology IPO in nearly five years.

Bitcoin hits 3-year peak, nears record high on U.S. ETF approval talk

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LONDON (Reuters) - Digital currency bitcoin hit its highest levels in more than three years on Thursday and came within $3 of an all-time peak, on speculation that the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is set to receive approval from the U.S. financial regulator.


Battlefield 4 PC Getting New User Interface

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EA shot out an email this morning announcing that BF4 PC will be getting a new UI. It's interesting that a couple of years old game is getting this kind of treatment but the email points out that the UI is already active on all the other platforms so I guess they thought, hey why not. Also notable, just how many active users are there for BF1 vs BF4 vs BF3. Fragmentation much?

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